Newport Boat Club Membership

New members are always welcome and are asked to complete a Newport Boat Club membership form, which having been properly proposed and seconded by two current Club members should be submitted to the Club for approval.  New members are required to pay the annual subscription amount plus joining fee in full on the date of application by cash, cheque or credit/debit card after which the annual subscription will be taken by Standing Order only and is payable on the 1st of September each year – membership is not available on a pro-rata basis.

New member subscriptions are currently available for the following rates:

Younger Member (18-25): £23.50 + £10 joining fee

Full Member: £47 + £10 joining fee

Membership includes your spouse/civil partner and any 12 to 17 year old children as non-voting Spouse and Junior members respectively.  This entitles them to use the Club facilities unaccompanied and without signing in.  On reaching 18, children cease to be part of your Membership and should become a Younger Member.  Children under 12 are only allowed in the Club when accompanied by, and under the control of a responsible Member – preferably not after 9pm.

It is now the responsibility of the Member to keep the Club advised of their current email and postal address, you can inform the club of any changes to your contact details by sending them to and we will update these in the system. Due to a change in membership subscription amounts for existing members in September 2016, it is now of paramount importance that we have an up to date email address on file for all Members in order to notify you of the new rates or any changes to membership as we will no longer be doing so by post.  Please use the link above to update your details with us.

Notice is hereby given of a proposed byelaw which will become effective five days from the date of this notice

The following shall add to rule 16:-

(f) Where a member wishes to resign from the Club they should do so by email or letter to the Membership Secretary at the Club with confirmation that their Standing Order has been revoked. Any such resignation shall take effect from the last day of August in the subscription year in which the resignation notice was received. Subscription years normally last from September 1 to August 31 of the next calendar year. 9th November 2017


You can now login to your membership account with smart club.






Become a member

To become a member download the form and send it back to us.

adobe-pdf Download Application Form Member over 25 yrs

adobe-pdfDownload Application Form Member 18-25 years

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