Members’ sailing dinghies may be parked at the Club as space allows. Overflow dinghy parking and space for non-members is usually available within a designated area on The Green at  Parrog, noting that this land belongs to the Barony of Cemais and that boat parking there is not a right.

Canoes, kayaks and tenders can be left in the area to the South of Gorwel on the peninsular – not on the Green or Club lawn. Please contact Darren Scarr of Cymdeithas Gychod Afon Nyfer a Harbwr Trefdraeth ( on 07572 660845.

Members’ dinghies can be parked on the grass and tenders on the hard standing at the rear of the clubhouse. All parked craft must be on a well-maintained trolley or trailer (with firm tyres so that they can be moved for grass cutting). For this and any other reason, the Club may move or relocate parked craft with all reasonable care but at the owner’s risk.

Other than by specific arrangement, dinghies may only be kept on the grass between the beginning of April and the end of October. Craft left on Club premises outside that period without agreement, or at any time without the required fee being paid, will be assumed to have been abandoned. The Club will send an email to the member’s last-notified address and if the problem is not rectified after one month then the Club may dispose of or take possession of the craft.

2023 Storage charges for Members' dinghies on the grass outside the Club are £30 for the season - to be paid at the Members' bar. 

Ensure boat covers are secure, lightweight boats are tied down if necessary. Please keep the boat park as tidy as possible, and put spent tape, rope, and other rubbish in a bin. 

If washing down a boat or sails with the club hose, please do so on the hard standing adjacent to the boat shed and not on the grass, and ensure that the hose is turned off and stowed after use.

All boats must be fully insured.

Newport Boat Club does not accept any liability for craft on their property.