Visiting Newport? Why not come and enjoy sailing in Newport Pembrokeshire?

Newport Boat Club supports most forms of enjoyment on the water, including sailing, rowing, paddling (canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding), fishing or simply cruising around the bay. We enjoy a wonderfully scenic river and tidal estuary, providing access to Newport  bay around 2 1/2 hours either side of high tide. 

We place great value on the peacefulness of our setting and power boat owners are asked to keep to a low speed while in the vicinity of Parrog or in the estuary.

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Boating strategic aims 2023-25 – Confirmed by the Board


·             We will keep the powerboats that we have for now, and allocate monies to a replacement fund.

·             We will work to grow dinghy sailing by making more Club-owned dinghies available, both single-handed and double-handed. These will be second-hand, which is more appropriate than new for Club boats, which invariably suffer more accidental misuse than owned boats. Cost of the boats themselves will be low, but partly offset by replacement sails and covers. We will not become an RYA-accredited training centre, but will work with nearby clubs under the umbrella of the South Cardigan Bay Sailing Partnership. We will support, and make Club equipment available to, suitably competent members providing sailing training or experience to their own family members.

·             Rowing of longboats is successful, but it is not clear whether the future approach should be solely on that, retaining the surf boat, adding sculling, or some combination of these.

·             We will build on the success of and learnings from the paddle race that was first trialled in 2022, and look at how we might best build a successful activity group.

·             We will work to build up a Fishing activity group.

·             We will reach out to local groups to investigate how a Swimming activity group might work.