Live weather


Click on the 'Windguru Live' icon on the left above for a colour-coded graph showing live wind speed, direction and gustiness (below the graph) - plus the data for the last day. It is positioned next to a forward forecast for today and tomorrow, including wave height, direction and period, cloud cover, rainfall and temperature. Also there is rolling, colour-coded graph of wind speed for western UK below. 

Or click on the top bar of the 'Forecast' image directly above showing 'United Kingdon, Newport, Newport Boat Club'. This will generate a new window showing Windguru's multi-factor forecast for a week ahead - including tide times and heights. 


How is the live wind data provided?

A Davis 6410 Anemometer is mounted on the cross-trees of the mast on the green outside the Club. A solar-power 'Holfuy' box streams the weather data (wind speed, direction, gustiness and temperature) to Newport Boat Club's public wi-fi access point. This data is sent to Windguru in Czechoslovakia who publishes the data as a Windguru 'Station' and aligns it with forecasts for wind speed and direction etc. The 'self-learning' algorythm has been running for years and is popular with many water-sports ethusiasts.