Swiss Audemars Piguet launched the bold marketing campaign of Royal Oak in the early 1970s (at that time, watch brands willingly understood the importance of creating advertising personality around watches, not just aesthetic design, which is regrettable today Lost art). The focus of the marketing campaign is the bold fact that Audemars Piguet replica watches factory sold the Royal Oak, a steel watch, at the price of a gold watch. Why choose ambitious pricing? Because Audemars Piguet treats the structure and decoration of the watch more like a piece of complex jewelry than a small pocket watch placed on the wrist. Why did Audemars Piguet produce the Royal Oak first? My understanding is that this is to appease watch dealers in Italy (always fashion avant-garde), wealthy customers who want a good watch, and their activities need a sports watch in the UK.

When the Royal Oak was introduced, Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Factory was unfortunate because it was just after the start of the so-called "quartz crisis" in the Swiss watch industry. Due to lower cost and higher performance, quartz and electronic sports began to replace more traditional mechanical watches. The mainstream public will never pay more for less accurate watch products. Ironically, watches like the Royal Oak represent the pinnacle of mechanical watchmaking and refinement.

The automatic mechanical movement is "ultra-thin", and the highly gorgeous casing is also weather-resistant and water-resistant. Features such as bracelets are male, although they are also gorgeous-and the dial of the watch itself. Simple and Luxurious. Genta has never been a complicated watch in his growing up years. Later, he will handle cases for watches with very complex movements, but Genta himself never likes to design actual dials. He is a watch box and bracelet designer, most importantly. Now, you can buy luxuries from the Replica Watches UK online shop.

Despite the encouraging marketing commitment regarding the sensible spending of customer cash, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica has been out of sales for most of its early days. At that time, employees of Audemars Piguet, including Jean-Claude Beaver, joked about how Audemars Piguet gave Royal Oak watches to employees because sales were too slow. It took Audemars Piguet more than twenty years to produce the Royal Oak. Regarding this concept, people can best explain that it is ahead of the times. If Audemars Piguet operates with a short-term vision like many watch companies now, Royal Oak will never survive in the 1970s. Deciding to continue investing in Royal Oak for so long (whether wise or stubborn), is now a collection of products over 45 years old, and even has the opportunity to find super popular.

The same is true of other famous Gerald Genta designs, such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches design or minus the brand's Royal Oak, with only softer lines. Both watches are directly inspired by Genta's fascination with boat design. Nautilus is meant to look like a porthole window on a ship. The Hublot brand was originally created around 1982, and its name means "porthole" in French. The classic Hublot box shape - just like Patek Philippe Nautilus is based on a ship window.

All of Gerald Genta's works can be said that this person just hates the basic round watch case. Even if he designs a circular box for his watch, he will do something that is of interest to them, such as the outer wire binding metal studs (as on Grafica). Gerald Genta's work for Octo which was later acquired by Cartier when it acquired the entire Gerald Genta brand was to celebrate the hostility to the basic circular shape in the design of the watch case. What determines this fact from the enduring legacy of Gerald Genta and his works? You know they are the best Swiss Replica Watches.

Recently, I have seen more and more articles and concerns about Gerald Genta. Gerald Genta died a few years ago. His wife, some unmanufactured products, the brand name currently owned by LVMH, and a series of products from brands such as Fake Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Patek Philippe, each incentivized themselves with the memory of this 20th-century watch designer, he became a legend. The myth of Gerald Genta is stronger today than this man himself. They were sold on the replica watches UK store.

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